Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sky Lantern Release for Babies in Heaven

Hello readers :)

I just wanted to let my babyloss friends know that Jenn from Treasuring Life's Blessings is doing a special sky lantern release on July 13, in honor of her son, Noah's, 2nd Heavenly Birthday celebration. She wants to include as many babies as possible on the lanterns.

What Jenn says on her blog:

"The lanterns I got are 36" tall so there is plenty of room to include MANY names. If you'd like to help us celebrate, you may either leave a comment here with your baby's name or you can email me. Before we release the lanterns, I will take pictures of all the names and post them here so you can see your precious baby's name as I know how much it means to see their name in writing. Please feel free to pass this along to other baby loss families in your circles/blogs as well. It would bless & encourage me to include as many babies names as possible."

Jenn, what a sweet way to remember your boy. Thank you for including Lily and Luke in this. Click here to request your baby's name to be included. And be sure to add it to your blog as well.

Blessings and much love.



  1. What a neat idea. I bought some to do on my son's birthday and completely forgot about them (since we were doing balloons as well) and I just found them a couple of weeks and was bummed that I we are going to do them on his angel day instead. I am so excited, near have done a lantern before.

  2. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word!! I am honored to be able to remember many babies along with Noah. And I will be sure to put Lily & Luke's names together. <3


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