Friday, January 15, 2016

Bo's Birthday

Wednesday was my friend Bonnie's son Bo's 5th birthday in Heaven. This is a local friend who started the faith-based infant loss support group I sometimes go to.

It was a sunny (though still cold) January day, and I've been wanting to visit Bo's spot for years, so I made the effort to finally get there. It's only about 20 minutes from where I live. On the way, I stopped to pick up some bright lilies for him, because after all, I only know Bo and Bonnie because of my Lily.

His stone is beautiful, as is the big tree that hovers overhead. It is a gift to remember my friend's babies with them, especially on their birthdays. It was a privilege to stand before this precious boy's grave and to thank God for his life and pray for God to continue giving strength to his family, as they carry on in this life without him.

It means the world to me when people visit Lily's spot, so I'm sure it is special to others as well. I had a precious time with Jesus at Bo's spot, laying out my heart before Him.

This is how I can be pro-life right now... in little moments like this where I can honor a brief but beautiful life.

With Bonnie this past Fall at a local Remembrance Walk


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