Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Today is National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. The date was chosen by Ronald Reagan to coincide with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case. He issued the day to fall on the third Sunday of January in the years following, the closest date that coincides with the original January 22nd date.

On this day, many pastors across the country are preaching on the topic of abortion. There are hurting men and women clinging tightly to the secret of having made "the choice" in their past.

I know that this time of year, with the anniversary of when abortion was legalized in America, it's much easier to think about it, talk about it, post about it, etc... but as the calendar flips to February, know that those who live with abortion don't only think of it one day, week, or month out of the year.

Every day, I think of my child who was aborted. Even those of us who have found freedom and healing through Christ will always regret making that choice and will always remember our child.

As you carry on throughout the year, please remember this and please keep having loving conversations with others about it, so that less men and women will have to live with the pain and regret themselves.

Know that everyday you wake up is a day multiple men and women are grieving that on that exact date "x" amount of years ago, they chose to end their child's life. It's a modern-day Holocaust and it needs to end.

I read an eloquent and beautiful post full of the truth of the redeeming and restoring power of the Gospel of Christ. Please consider sharing it for the many grieving hearts. Click HERE to read.

Also, HERE is a recording of the speech I gave last year on this day at a Memorial Service for the Unborn in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Feel free to share.


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