Monday, January 25, 2016

Perfect Way To Start

I came across an achingly beautiful song on Facebook, written by a man named Craig Aven whose wife has had two miscarriages.

I just love what he said in the intro about sharing the song on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade "where it feels like the life of the unborn child is not valued as much as God says that it should be and this is not something that we should be ashamed to say hurts us, losing our baby, because it is valuable and precious." That is a big part of my story with Lily, how the grief I feel over losing her, points to the sanctity of her life and each life, no matter how brief.

The part where he talks about his child's first steps being on holy ground really got the tears rolling for me. Lily never got to walk this earth, but she is getting everything there, in her forever Home, that she never got here. She's not missing anything. Listen below (email subscribers click HERE).


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