Sunday, January 31, 2016

Boxes That Carry Her Legacy

In line at a store, there's a little girl and her mom. They are buying birthday balloons and party supplies. They share with me that it's almost her birthday.

I'm in line waiting to buy things to prepare for my little girl's birthday we well.. Only she isn't here and there will be no party. Instead, I'm purchasing things to go into the 2 hospital comfort boxes to be given to "Lily's Hospital," where she was born. One for a little girl and one for a boy, filled with resources, and most of all love, for their parents who will have to bury their babies.

Things are coming together with these boxes that carry her legacy and they should be delivered most likely a couple days before March 16th because my mom and I are hoping to spend a few days at the beach to celebrate our girl on her actual birthday.


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