Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lily's Name in the Sand Around the World!

Over the years, one of my favorite ways Lily has been honored is by having her name written by me and others in the sand on lakes and beaches across the world.

So far it's been written multiple times in Australia, 3 times in Canada (including at Prince Edward Island), 2 times in New Zealand, 2 times in Scotland, 2 times in Italy, on friend's honeymoons in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic, and all over the United States: 5 times in Hawaii (including at Maui, Nanakuli, and Waikiki), California a few times, Maryland, Oregon, New Jersey, South Carolina, and many beaches in North Carolina. They are all unique, with different backgrounds and writing styles, but all equally treasured. What I love most is the fact that others remember her with me. It's really incredible that when people are all over the world, some vacationing, some traveling for studies, among other things, that they think of me and my sweet girl. :)

Here is a slideshow with all the photos (email subscribers may need to click HERE to see):

If you're interested in seeing all the photos, where they were taken, when, and by whom, you can see the album on my blog Facebook page by clicking HERE.

I decided to print the pictures to keep in an album all together, so I can look at them and share them with others. I hope the book will one day be full. Thank you to everyone who has remembered my girl with me in this special and meaningful way. Her name is beyond precious to me. It's hers. It's a reminder she is real. 

Here is the front of the album. I got it at Target on sale a while back and didn't know what to do with it until now. Also, see a video of the album below (email subscribers click HERE).


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