Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sprinkled Throughout My Days

This past Saturday (the day we had Lily's baby shower 6 years ago, also on a Saturday), my mom, sister-in-law, and I had a fun "Galentine's Day" = the Allen gals celebrating Valentine's Day. ;)

Even the little Allen gals were with us, Lily in my heart and my niece in Kala's belly. We were just missing my sister, Emma.

We went to a neat place in Raleigh called Lafayette Village, which is made to look like Europe. We had a delightful dinner by the fireside at a place called Simply Crepes, then we went to a fun coffee shop, and got glazed donuts for dessert.

It was good for me to get out and do something fun on a day full of memories. They are happy memories, yes, but still a reminder that my girl isn't here. I got a latte and they did a heart on top, which made me smile thinking of my little Valentine and how reminders of her are sprinkled throughout my days. I don't have to look far to know she is with me. Always. :)


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