Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day and John 3:16

On Valentine's Day, three different people shared this picture with me:

I thought it was special they thought to send it to me, because it speaks to me in many ways. 

For one, Lily's birthday is March 16 (3:16), like John 3:16. God spoke His promise of everlasting life through choosing her birthday to be on that date. The Scripture reference is on the back of her stone (see photo below), with a butterfly, symbolizing her new life in the womb being a symbol and reflection of the new life God was working within me... as well as a symbol of her new life with Jesus right now, and the new life we can all have in Him, if we believe in Him, like John 3:16 says.

Also, I had a Valentine's-themed baby shower, so Valentine's Day also reminds me of Lily because of that. Those two things together makes the picture extra special. Lily is my forever Heavenly Valentine. :)

On another note, speaking of March 16, Lily's birthday is a month from today. It's approaching quickly.


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