Sunday, February 21, 2016

Her Song

Sometimes I still can't believe Lily Katherine has the most special of songs written about her. I'll never tire of it, or of the fact that my friend did this for me, after the Lord prompting her to do so.

I'll never forget how just a short time before Heather sent me the song, I was on a friend's blog and saw someone wrote her daughter a song (she is also with Jesus) and I longed to have one for Lily. God knew that Heather was in the process of preparing this most sacred gift for me, and even led me to desire it, without the slightest clue I already had one "in the works!" He wanted to bless me with Lily being honored in this way. :)

It was wonderful hearing it in person for the first time a few months ago. I have been listening to it several times lately, with Lily's birthday approaching, and told Heather it expresses parts of my heart I never knew could be expressed. It's a keepsake of Lily's life and legacy in itself.

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