Sunday, February 21, 2016


My mom learned on a television show a few weeks ago that there is now a flower called a Roselily! She was excited to tell me. Isn't that so special? I really want a bouquet of Roselilies, especially for Lily's birthday. :)

According to the website, where you can learn more about this flower and see more photos of it: "Roselily is a collective term for a unique series of double-flowering lilies with exceptionally positive characteristics. First of all, these Roselily varieties do not have the heavily spicy scent so characteristic of some lilies. Secondly, their flowers produce no pollen - once again, an important advantage over traditional lilies. And thirdly, Roselily varieties are especially attractive. As their flowers open, what they most resemble is a rose. No wonder this series was named for two flowers: the rose and the lily. The natural beauty of two flowers combined into one!"

I also discovered on the website that Roselily was registered as a brand in 2010, Lily's birth year. Some brothers who breed plants discovered the flower in the 90s. Apparently, the flower came about by accident. It got me thinking of how my girl wasn't "planned" like society likes to say children should be. But she was never an accident. She was planned by God. And me being her mommy was planned by Him too.

She is always with me... and this beautiful flower reminds me of that. On the front of Lily's headstone, there is a rose and lily intertwined, just like on the logo of my blog. It is to symbolize how Lily was with me all her days on Earth and the hope I have that we will spend Eternity together. For the rest of my life, I will still carry her with me.


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