Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Sweet Lil' Pumpkin

I'm sitting here cuddling a sweet new kitty that I just got today (more on that later). :) I'm thinking of how I should be cuddling the cutest bumblebee, or maybe a precious princess, a funny lil' pumpkin, or perhaps a little ladybug...I wonder what we would have dressed her up as? I know her first Halloween, she was going to be a flower (because of her name) and I was going to be the gardener. Ironically, this year, my friend did the same thing with her daughter who has the middle name Rose. 

But, Lily never got to wear any precious costumes for people to ooh and aah over. Seeing all the photos everyone is posting of their kiddos in costumes is another reminder of yet another thing I'm (and she's) missing out on. I never got to imagine and shop for what she'd be. We never will get to wear matching outfits that she'd later look back on the pictures of and say, "Come on, Mom...seriously?!" Oh Lily, how I'm missing you today and always...

Here are the pumpkins that I got in honor of Lily for autumn. One is mini and one is super mini! I am going to make a pumpkin pie out of the bigger one soon!

Lily's pumpkins on our cozy front porch, decorated for autumn.

I asked my friend Elise who lives in my hometown, which is also where Lily is buried, if she could take my girl a pumpkin for fall since I live out of state and can't go myself. She said it meant a lot to her for me to ask and that she'd do anything for my family. She tidied up Lily's spot a bit, took her a cute little pumpkin and sent me some photos! What an awesome friend she is!! Thank you, Elise!! :)

It means so much to me when people do things for my girl. It really is hard being so far away from her spot and not being able to care for it like I'd like to. But, it is so precious when someone goes there for me and thinks to care for her spot and make sure nothing is blown over, the grass isn't overgrown, etc. It's even sweeter when someone takes something to her! I am looking forward to visiting my hometown area over Thanksgiving and decorating her special spot for very favorite time of year!...I have a feeling it would be hers too...

Look at those gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia! Blessed to have Lily there.



  1. Lily, the profound pain of losing you will NEVER leave us for that's how God planned it to be! Adding to our suffering is when brothers and sisters in the Lord do not help carry our burden, nor weep with us when we weep. Thank you for honoring our precious flower with your month's worth of memories of her! They are lovely like our Lily!

  2. Oh Hannah, your post brought tears to my eyes. When I found out Gabriel was going to be a Halloween baby I was thrilled - I couldn't wait to dress him up in a cute little baby costume. I love that your friend brought Lily a pumpkin. So sweet!

  3. So very sweet of your friend! How I wish you were cuddling your dressed up, beautiful baby girl.


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