Thursday, October 4, 2012

Capture Your Grief-Day 4

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2012 Photography Project 
Day 4: Most Treasured Items
October 4, 2012 ♥

Day 4. Most Treasured Item: Something that relates to your baby/ies/child/ren. Maybe it is their hand and foot prints or a photograph. Whatever it is we would love to see it.

When it gets hard to believe my Lily Katherine was really even here, I open that memory chest that's just for her and I hold those tangible realities that say, yes, she is a real, important, special someone. I didn't imagine her. I smile at this proof. Though I need no proof. My heart changed is proof enough that she was real...

I have an entire beautiful cedar chest full of treasured, cherished, sacred keepsakes of my girl. It is filled with mementos and memories from the 40 glorious weeks I carried her in my womb. Things such as a pregnancy journal, baby shower items, etc. 

I also have so many things I have gotten in honor of Lily, such as my Willow Tree collection, my Precious Moments "Mommy's Love Goes With You" figurine, among other things. 

I LOVE all my Lily things, so it was really hard to narrow down. But, this picture shows my very favorites. Lily's hand and footprints with her stats, the hat she wore right after birth, the outfit and hat she wore in pictures and the matching blanket she was wrapped in, her foot impression, a leather baggy with a lock of her brunette hair, her birth certificate that I didn't even think I would be getting until a recent law change, a photo album with the ultrasound photos from the several ultrasounds I had, mine and her hospital bracelets, the lamb I got at Build-A-Bear with her recorded heartbeat in it, the 3D/4D ultrasound DVD from when I was 17w5d gestation when I found out conclusively she was a GIRL, the measuring tape she was measured with, her scrapbook with all her gorgeous photos, pregnancy photos, her obituary, dried flowers from her Celebration of LIFE Service, among other things. I also know that I will cherish her "Lily Bear" made by Molly Bears which should be arriving this week! It will be exactly 7lb9oz, just like my girl was! :)

If there were a fire or tornado, Lily's cedar chest would be the first thing I'd grab. A lifetime of memories has to fit into that little chest. And it's not'll never be enough. But, it's all I have to remember a little girl who was both Heaven sent and Heaven bound.

When the ache seems nearly more than I can bare, I get those tangible reminders out and smile as I remember the little girl who brought me back to Jesus.

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  1. "a little girl who was both Heaven sent and Heaven bound." So beautiful. It is the most perfect way to describe Lily.

  2. Beautiful items!! I sometimes have moments where it doesn't seem like Calypso was really here. I know she was but sometimes it's unreadl

  3. You described it perfectly.

  4. Hannah, here is my blog and page: and page (not linked yet) is the same name. I visited your blog and will have to visit again. I would love to contact you when I get a chance ♥


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