Monday, October 8, 2012

Capture Your Grief-Day 8

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2012 Photography Project 
Day 8: Jewelry
October 8, 2012 ♥

Day 8. Jewelry: Do you have a piece of jewelry in memory of your baby/ies/child/ren? Share it!

I have lots of beautiful memorial jewelry in honor of my Lily Katherine. I have a gorgeous locket necklace with a Lily of the Valley on it. I have another beautiful locket that has a butterfly charm and opens up with Lily's name on the inside with Lily of the Valley scent, that my best friend Kala gave me for Babylost Mother's Day. I have lots of butterfly earrings, both pairs I've gotten myself and some friends have given me. I have a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness pin that my friend Morgan gave me. 

But, my favorite piece of jewelry that I own is my heart-shaped necklace from My Forever Child that has Lily's (scaled-down) actual footprints engraved on the front, with her name and birthdate on the back. It's like I carry a piece of Lily around with me wherever I go and whenever anyone asks me about my necklace, I beam with pride as I tell them they are my baby's actual footprints. The detail is amazing and her footprints are perfectly captured. I would highly recommend both anyone who has a living child or suffered the loss of a child to look into the custom engraved jewelry. 

I almost forgot that my grandmother gave me a beautiful necklace on the day of Lily's Celebration of LIFE Service and burial. Sadly, I have since lost it :( But it is a gold heart with three pearls, symbolizing my grandmother, mom, and I and a stone above them, symbolizing our sweet Lily in Heaven! :)

I am wearing that necklace in this photo

I plan on also getting a necklace with Lily's handprint on it. I would love to get something with her birthstone as well. If I have more children in the future, I would love to get something special to symbolize all of them together.

My other favorite piece of jewelry is my ring that says "Purity" on it. Lily and Katherine both mean purity and innocence and she will forever remain perfectly that. My grandmother gave me a "Purity" ring when I was 15. Somehow, it had become torn down the middle, just as my purity had been torn. Yet, my Jesus pieced it back together. And this little girl was a symbol of that. She was the instrument He used. I buried Lily with that ring tied around her dress. Since then, I have gotten a new Purity ring, a whole one, to wear until my wedding day...

By the way, in the photo is a glass-blown angel figurine that my cousin sent to me in 2010. I love it! Angels remind me of Heaven, which obviously reminds me of Lily :) And I took the photo on top of Lily's gorgeous cedar memory chest.

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