Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Capture Your Grief-Day 24

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2012 Photography Project 
Day 24: Sibling
October 24, 2012 ♥
Photo by Carly Marie

Day 24. Siblings: This could be done two ways – your could photograph your own siblings and post about how grief has affect them or you can post about your other living children. I know that not everyone has living children but I felt it was important to include the children who are left here to grieve their brothers and sisters. Capture a sibling, niece or nephew’s grief. Maybe you could share a drawing they have done or even just a photo of them holding something that represents their brother or sister that they are missing. Give them a voice here.

Lily Katherine is in Heaven with her big brother, Luke Shiloh, who went to Heaven at 6 weeks gestation in 2009. I will always and forever be the mother of two children that now wait for me there. No matter how many other children I have in the future that the Lord allows me the blessing of raising them on earth, I will always first be mother to a little boy and a little girl. As their mother, I feel it is my job to keep their memory and their legacy alive.

I just love to see their names written out and it's especially sweet to see their names together. Honoring and remembering them is how I feel I'm mommy to them since they aren't here with me.

You can read about Luke Shiloh's life here. He was such a big part of the story God has written for me. I got Luke a plaque at the National Memorial for the Unborn and Lily a brick paver for the garden there, which is special to have one place on earth to honor them both at once.

I hope one day they will have more siblings that I am given the blessing of raising.

I thought of sharing my twin older brothers and my little sister for today. But, figured I'd share about Luke instead. Rather than sharing my siblings and how they have handled their grief, I chose to show Lily's sibling.

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  1. Such beautiful names!!! Precious. Praying for you *hug*


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