Sunday, October 28, 2012

Capture Your Grief-Day 28

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2012 Photography Project 
Day 28: Memory
October 28, 2012 ♥

Day 28. Memory: Share one of your most significant memories on this journey of grief, it can be a positive or negative memory.

I saw a lot of people posting about their memories with their babies, so thought I would touch on that first. Some of my favorite memories with Lily include hearing her precious heart beat, seeing her on the ultrasound screen and finding out for sure she was a sweet GIRL, going to Philadelphia, Massanutten, and the beach with her, feeling her kick, naming her, making up jokes about her, dreaming of how she would look and what her life would hold, and meeting her and holding her in my arms finally (though bittersweet).

But, since today's prompt asks for a significant memory on this journey of grief, I decided on this photo. It was taken in April of this year when I was in Colorado visiting at Ellerslie Leadership Training. I was asked to share my testimony and gladly accepted! My story is one of loss, yes, but it is more than that. It is a Pro-LIFE story and a story about the Author of LIFE, Jesus Christ. I was in an unplanned pregnancy at 19 and God changed me forever with the precious LIFE of my sweet daughter. He shows us how beautiful all life is to Him through a little girl who never spoke one word or took one breath. It is my hope and dream to share my story with lots of people, both in speaking and writing. The Lord has been opening up doors for this to happen. I spoke three times in the last year to bigger crowds and lots of times to smaller groups. I know that I must remain faithful in the small areas, such as speaking when He gives me the opportunity and writing on this blog, before He will entrust me with more. It is such a joy and honor to share what the Lord has done! He is bringing me good and Him glory out of the darkness and sorrow.

You can listen to me sharing my story here.

*I want to wish a Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday to my friend Morgan's precious son, Marcellus Robert! And Happy 10th Birthday to her daughter, Angela, who she placed for adoption!*

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