Monday, October 8, 2012

Light the Night With Love

On September 15, two lovely ladies named Fran and Amanda hosted a beautiful event called Light the Night With Love in Katy, Texas. They released several sky lanterns in honor and memory of babies in Heaven. Lots of people attended in person and could release their own lantern, but they also included those that couldn't be there in person by writing our babies names on the lanterns and setting them free into the night. This was the first year and they plan to make it an annual thing. Hundreds of babies from all over the world were honored. I am so thankful to have others who love and remember my girl with me! Thanks for including her in this special event! :)

Look how beautiful all the lanterns look being released!

Lily's name written on a lantern

The lantern scene from the movie Tangled is where Fran got the inspiration for this event. It must be so beautiful and special to see the lanterns being released into the sky. I am going to have a sky lantern release for Lily's birthday at some point in the near future! :)

"You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light." 
~Psalm 18:28

Click on the photo below to visit the website and stay up to date on next year's event :)

Read about what Fran had to say about the event by clicking here.

Click here to see lots more photos from this year's event!


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