Monday, October 1, 2012

Capture Your Grief-Day 1

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2012 Photography Project 
Day 1: Sunrise
Raleigh, NC, USA
October 1, 2012 ♥

Day 1. Sunrise: I thought it would be sweet for us all to capture the beginning of this beautiful project and important month by us all getting up early to photograph the sunrise from wherever we are in the world. I know depending on where you are and what climate you are in that there may not be a sunrise, but if you can still get to a window, snap a photo of the morning! When you share your photo online make sure you write what State/Country you are in and the time of the sunrise {just for fun!}

This photo was not taken today. It is the sunrise on March 16th, 2010...the day my precious Lily Katherine was born. I am thankful to have a photo from that sacred day...Today there isn't much of a sunrise. It is dark and gloomy outside, so I thought I'd share this instead.


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  1. What a beautiful special photo! I love that you have this.


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