Sunday, June 29, 2014

Created for Her

For those who have read this blog for a while, you know I have been working on two scrapbooks for Lily Katherine for four years now. I do a couple/few pages at a time and then take a break because it can get heavy on my heart going through photos and memories. I have had so many goals as to when to complete the scrapbook (usually around her birthday), but am still not done. I guess this sort of thing cannot be rushed. It should be a healing process. I got a lot done before Lily's 4th birthday, but have taken a break until a couple days ago. Now, my mind feels fresh with ideas and creativity working on it again. And it was good for my heart to take a little break.

One of my scrapbooks is for my pregnancy and one is for the hospital/Lily's service/her headstone, etc. I really enjoy scrapbooking and wish I was creating one for Lily for each year of her life. But, instead, this is all I have. I want it to be perfect, which is another reason why it's taken me so long. I have found stickers and other things for it through the years from many different places. Every year, it's like there is one major thing I like to do for Lily. Last year, it was designing and placing her headstone. This year, it's completing her scrapbooks.

Over the next couple weeks, I plan on setting up a "scrapbooking station" in my home to complete them. It's hard to get the stuff out (I have quite a lot) and put it away again and again. I wish I had a craft room! ;) 

Anyways, I just wanted to share a sneak peek of a couple of the pages (from the hospital on the day Lily was born). I will be sharing all the pages on my blog when I complete them, along with many ideas for other babyloss parents wanting to create a scrapbook for their child, but not knowing where to start. Stay tuned. :)


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