Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rachel's Race

One of my dear friends named Stacy, whose daughter Rachel is also with Jesus, has an annual 5K called Rachel's Race. It is a fundraising event that honors the Lord, remembers Rachel and other babies in Heaven, educates others about anencephaly, and supports life-affirming ministries. (It was Stacy who raised money through her nonprofit that she runs in honor of Rachel that helped me get Lily's headstone!)

Check out Stacy's blog - Baby Rachel's Legacy (it is one of my favorites!). And if you are in the New Hampshire area, please consider walking in person at the 5K on Saturday, August 2nd. If you (like me) are too far away to attend in person, there is an option to be a virtual walker/runner. My mom and I are registered to be virtual walkers and will be taking photos to post on the Baby Rachel's Legacy Facebook page on the day the race is held (we will walk by ourselves somewhere local). We will each be receiving a beautiful Rachel's Race t-shirt to wear on that day. :) Please support this race/Baby Rachel's Legacy in whatever way you can!

If you are a babyloss parent, you can have your child honored on race day. This is what the website says: "Until Rachel, we were unaware of the large number of babies lost each year to miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal deaths. As we have walked this path, we have heard hundreds of stories of parents who have had to say goodbye to their children too soon. We know the pain that this brings. If you are a grieving mother or father, we are so sorry for your loss. We know how important it is to have your baby recognized and we would love to honor your child by name at Rachel's Race." Click HERE to sign up to have your baby honored.

For much more information about the 5K, please click HERE.

The amazing race logo (which you can read about HERE) with Rachel's precious prints

Here's a little video from the first annual Baby Rachel's Legacy 5K so you can get more of an idea what it's like:


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