Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sharing Lily

My dear friend Karen from Australia was in North Carolina visiting for a couple weeks. I was able to spend lots of quality time with her and our other friend Lindy. We all met at Ellerslie in Colorado in 2011. They both came over to my house one day last week for lunch and a lovely visit.

I was able to share Lily's memory chest, (unfinished) scrapbook, and memorial garden with them. I shared her footprints and handprints, lock of hair, among so many other meaningful (and random) things that remind me of her.

It was so very special and brought me such joy to share my girl with others. I haven't been able to share these things with many people in person, so it was definitely a gift to my mother heart. :) And to have people who care about hearing about/seeing these things really means more than I can express. Love both you ladies so much!

Hannah Rose, Karen, Lindy

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