Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just the Way I Like Her Spot

I visited Virginia for the first weekend of summer with my brothers. My brother Adam moved back to Virginia. Now the Allen siblings are spread across three states.

Anyways, I was so blessed to be able to visit Lily's spot and tidy it up just the way I like it. The grass is so green! It looks so much different than it looks in the winter and brings color to her spot. I pulled a lot of weeds around Lily's stone. One thing I don't like about Hillsboro Cemetery is that they don't keep the grass looking beautiful. They don't even seem to mow it on a regular enough basis. However, like my grandmother said, it can be tricky to mow the grass around the stones that aren't flat. I would rather have a cemetery where I could choose whatever stone I want and can leave whatever decorations I want, rather than a cemetery with nice grass, but with lots of rules and regulations.

I cleaned all the dirt and grass off Lily's stone and got things the way I like them. Then I changed out the summer decorations for July 4th/Independence Day decorations (which I will share in another post). I decided to take the flag stand down for now because the butterfly flag doesn't really match the 4th of July decor. I like how sweet and simple the stone looks with just the new decorations.

After the fourth of July, my brother and grandmother are going to take back the summer flowers and flag stand. I like Lily's spot to always have decorations for the different seasons and holidays. It makes me so sad that I can't do it myself because I am quite particular about how I like things arranged/looking. My family and friends do their best to help me out, which I appreciate so much, but it's not the same as me doing it myself. I don't want to sound picky and annoying with asking for things to be a certain way, but as I've written about before, I do want things perfect because this is the only thing I can do as a mother.

I feel like I write about this a lot, but it's a continual struggle for me. I wouldn't change having Lily's final resting place in my hometown because that is the only place it feels right, however I wish I could take her fresh flowers all the time, make sure the decorations are in place, and pull weeds whenever I want. Sigh...



  1. Yes, and what we all really want is to not bury our daughters at all but to strap them into their car seats and take them with us.


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