Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Came and with It Came You

Five years ago this month was when I got pregnant with Lily. It was the beginning of her short life on Earth and her forever legacy. Anyways, June will always make me think of her. It is the start of my memories of my girl. I cannot believe it's been five years. I decided to write her a little poem on this fifth anniversary of the beginning of her life...

Five years ago this June
Your life within me began
Summer came and with it came you

I was 19 when those two blue lines
Changed my entire life
Telling me you were mine

Afraid of what was to come
Still feeling so young,
At first I wanted to run

Like a delicate bloom,
Slowly opening in Spring
In my heart, for you He made room

As my belly grew
Throughout those months
So, my darling, did my love for you

Five years
You whispered "hello" and "goodbye"
I am left with missing-you-tears

That positive pregnancy test
Something so small changed it all
With your life, I have truly been blessed

I ache with missing, my dear
But I smile with such joy
I am so thankful God sent you here

That positive sign too soon
Turned to words etched in stone...
It all started with those two lines in June... 


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