Monday, June 23, 2014

A Windchime for Her Great-Granddaughter

One of my grandmother's friends gave her a beautiful wind chime in honor of Lily Katherine, her first great-granddaughter. She had it hanging on a tree outside her bedroom window so whenever she heard it, she'd think of Lily.

Well, apparently there is a wind chime thief that went up and down my grandmother's street, stealing all the wind chimes. I wonder if they knew what this wind chime was for if they still would have taken it.

I have wanted to get my grandmother a wind chime to replace the one that was stolen for a long time. I finally found one online and sent it to her for Mother's Day.

The flowers and butterflies are perfect. Flowers for my Lily and butterflies because my grandmother and I share a love for them and they remind us both of our daughters of Heaven, Lily and my Aunt Rachel.

My grandmother loves her new wind chime, though she decided not to hang it up on the tree outside her window (she doesn't want it to be stolen too). She took it the cemetery where Lily and Rachel are layed to rest instead. I love the sound of wind chimes!


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