Friday, June 27, 2014

If She Were Here, I'd Get That for Her

Just because Lily is not here doesn't mean I can turn off the natural instinct as a mother to notice outfits for little girls the age she'd be on a regular basis. There are so many times that I see an outfit either online or out shopping and think to myself (or say aloud to my mom or a friend), "if Lily were here, I'd get that for her."

Recently, the thought occurred to me that nobody gets to see the outfits I'd dress her in. And that thought alone is a reminder of yet another thing I'm missing out on in mothering my daughter...

I see Facebook photos of friend's daughters dressed in adorable outfits. Nobody gets to see how adorable Lily would be (because trust me, not only would she herself be beautiful, but so would her outfits and accessories). Come on, everyone knows part of what makes having a daughter so exciting is dressing them in pink and lace.

My mom always dressed me in dresses and girly things growing up and I would have done the same thing with Lily. She'd look so old-fashioned and feminine. I wouldn't put her in all the modern things little girls wear these days (at least until she started wanting to dress herself because what I'd choose for her would be so not cool. That time inevitably comes in the life of every girl).

I was a mixture of tomboy and girly-girl growing up and picture Lily being that way too.

This is the sort of thing I'd dress Lily in - an April Cornell dress

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