Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Visiting Charlotte

I went to Charlotte, North Carolina this month for a friend's wedding (it is about three hours from Raleigh). It was fun staying in a hotel downtown.

Memories of Lily kept flashing through my heart and mind. Last time I stayed in Charlotte was in September 2009 when I was just beginning my second trimester of pregnancy. My brothers, mom, and I went to Charlotte for an NFL football game (the Eagles vs. Panthers, my twin brothers favorite teams at the time). I was able to get a ticket last minute. I didn't care so much about football, but wanted to spend time with them.

I had just recently told my mom I was pregnant and came back to NC for my pregnancy. I remember feeling so sick in the hotel (because of being pregnant), but hadn't told my brothers I was yet, so they didn't know why I was sick. I clearly remember the hotel, driving around downtown at night, and sitting in the stands at the football game feeling ill because it was such a hot day.

I thought we had taken photos that trip with a disposable camera, but haven't been able to find them. Maybe one day they'll show up. I treasure any and all pictures from my pregnancy.

Just being in Charlotte again made all those memories come to the forefront of my mind and made me miss my sweet girl.

part of downtown Charlotte, NC
got a photo of the football stadium while driving past it
with some friends and my sister-in-law at my friend Suzanne's wedding

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  1. Flashbacks! I see yachts all the time where I live. They are beautiful to see, but they always bring back that while I was sleeping on James' parents yacht, my baby James, Jr died. My baby died on a yacht.


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