Friday, March 14, 2014

Lily's Birthday Weekend Weather

My mom, dad, and I are about to leave for our weekend in Virginia for Lily's 4th birthday. :)

On Saturday, we will be fixing her vase. And on Sunday, we will be having a special celebration in honor of her birthday with friends and family. Part of the Sunday plans include time at the cemetery where Lily's final resting place is... however, as you can see below, the weather forecast for Saturday is gorgeous - 64 degrees, sunny, and 0% chance of rain. But, the weather for Sunday (Lily's actual birthday and the date we are having the celebration) is much colder at 46 degrees, and 70% chance of rain. :(

Please, please pray that the weather changes and that it ends up being a lovely day! I don't know what we'll do if it rains. I really want to be able to gather at the cemetery... that's the main reason I want to go to Virginia for her birthday this year.

Anyways, I will share more later about this weekend!


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