Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Little Fella and March 16, 2010

I have another special story to share about March 16, 2010. I nanny for two little boys - brothers that we will call "J" (almost 4) and "E" (9 months). I first started watching "J" in August 2012. Their mom found my profile on a nanny/babysitter website and contacted me about possibly being their nanny.

I went to their house one summer afternoon for an interview and to meet her little guy. She said he was 2 (at the time). Right away, I thought to myself that Lily would be 2 as well. I asked when his birthday is and she replied, "in March." I said, "oh, really? What day in March?" "The 16th." I nearly fell over when she told me this.

"J" was born on Lily's exact birthday - March 16, 2010! That makes him almost 4 now. I nanny a child who is the same age as my daughter! Out of all the kids and families out there, isn't that crazy?!

The Lord put us together before I had any idea when he was born. It has been healing and special over the past year and a half to spend time with a child her age. I have said before that if he was a girl, I think it would have been too hard for me to be his nanny. He is such a precious little boy (as is his baby brother who looks just like him). My nicknames for them are "the little fella" and "the mini fella." Those are the names I lovingly refer to them as to my family.

"J" has grown up so much in the time that I've known him. It's sad at times knowing that Lily would be growing up in similar ways. He is so smart and says the cutest, silliest things. Every now and then, I ask "J" how old he is and when his birthday is. It makes my heart skip a beat each time he responds the same way Lily would have had people been able to ask her the same questions. Getting "J" presents for his birthday is special for me since I can never get Lily a present to be given to her on her birthday. He is so excited about his birthday. :)

I didn't tell his mom right away about my special connection with March 16, but last year on Lily and "J's" 3rd birthday, I told her about my girl and our shared day. She was blown away at how it worked out! She was very sweet and loving about it. She knows that I am going up to Virginia this weekend and won't be able to work next Monday and is supportive and understanding about it.

Oh, and get this... "J's" dad and I share a birthday too! August 12th. Reminders of Lily are everywhere!

brothers "J" and "E"
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