Monday, March 10, 2014

Not Forgotten

My dear friend Heather who was in my Ellerslie semester sent me such a thoughtful email last week. She said that as March approached, she started thinking of Lily and I more often. This is part of her email to me that blessed me so much:

"I know you've expressed struggle with thinking that Lily might be forgotten or that everyone has moved on. I just wanted you to know that although she is not always talked about, she is most definitely not forgotten! When I think of you, she naturally comes to mind as well. I can't disconnect you from her, and vice versa. Although I have never met her, she is dear to me, and I dearly wish I had had the chance to meet her. And you can be sure I will be joining you in celebrating her life on Sunday, March 16."

Thank you to those that remind me that she has not been forgotten. She could never be forgotten by me, but it does my heart good to know that she is still remembered by others too. It absolutely brought the biggest tearful smile to my face to hear that Heather thinks of Lily when she thinks of me and vice versa. My girl is so much a part of me. She's a part of my past, who I am today, and who I will be in the future. And she is a part of my Eternity.

I hope that thinking of me makes others think of Lily too, though I hope they don't think oh, how sad, rather what a beautiful LIFE and legacy that little girl has. What a precious thought it is to think of those I know and love who never had the chance to meet Lily on Earth will get to one day on streets of gold!

Heather and I in September 2013 in Colorado when I had the blessing of staying with her family :)


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