Friday, March 3, 2017

Jammin' in My Belly

7 years ago tonight, Lily was jammin' out in my belly at the Copeland concert in Chapel Hill. I was only 11 days from my due date and 13 days away from Lily's birthday. 😋

definitely the only full-term preggo girl there ;)

my mom, sister, and I ready for the concert

Here are some photos of me meeting the band:

My friend Laura had her daughter "A" less than 2 months before Lily was born. We both really like Copeland and both went to see their concert in early March 2010. I found this correspondence between us that makes me smile. I want to document it here on my blog. :)

Me: Guess what! I'm going to the Copeland concert here in NC tomorrow night!! yaay! Thanks for telling me about it!
Laura: lol, you're very welcome. That's so exciting! Let me know how it was. =]
Me: Copeland was AWESOME! I got their autographs and some pictures with them after the show...the other bands were really good too, especially Dias Vail! They're really nice too! I was definitely the only preggo girl there haha. And I told them I just had to see them before Lily came! The drummer said I can tell Lily she's in the picture with them. lol. I said, yeah, I'm definitely raising her on you guys! If you meet them tonight, tell them your pregnant friend that saw them in Chapel Hill last night says hello! haha. My mom and sister enjoyed the show too...Wish we coulda gone with you and Nina, fellow Copeland lovers! You'll have to let me know how the show goes up there. It sold out here. They played a good long time and played most of my favorite songs! They are awesome live. Anyways, you guys have an awesome time tonight! Wish I could go again (but glad I got the chance to see them before they split up!)
Laura: ah! I'm so happy! I'm so glad you guys got to go and that it went so well =]. yay!! omg, please tell me that you did not stand up for that entire show...oh my goodness, I could barely make it last night, more or less when I was nine months pregnant. lol. I couldn't stand up for more than like three minutes when I was late in my pregnancy, lol. Also, we missed that other band you said was really good, sadly. But we did get pictures and autographs and we told him what you said! lol. Nina talked to him about it when we were getting our pictures and he definitely remembered, of course. haha. He said that it was really cool. Okay, well. Anyways, I can't remember what else I wanted to say and/or respond to so I might add more later.
Me: No, I didn't stand for the entire show. We found some pathetic little bench that left my back in agony! lol. You should look up Dias Vail. They are so good and kinda have the same sound as Copeland. I'm glad you had a good time!...I'm so glad you brought me up to the band! haha that's funny. So, yeah...I'm due Sunday. I had an appointment today. Lily's 6 pounds, 14 ounces, according to the ultrasound (not sure how accurate that is). I am going to be induced on March 18th, if she doesn't come before then. But, I have a feeling she will. I'm pretty miserable physically and am having all these changes, so I'm just waiting. But, I hope she holds off 'til Sunday so I can go to my friend's baby shower Saturday! ha

Reading this now hurts my heart a little bit, knowing everything I know now... Knowing that if she had been born earlier than I had hoped for, she might be here. Knowing that I was correct in thinking she would arrive before the 18th. Thinking of how perfect and healthy she was until suddenly she wasn't.


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