Sunday, March 12, 2017

We Were All Waiting and Ready for Her

My Facebook Memories is full of excitement, well-wishes, and eager anticipation from 7 years ago.

Posts keep popping up of friends saying things like:

"Come on, Lily girl!" 
"OMG I am getting soo excited for you as the days progress! Let me know when she arrives! I can't wait to see pics of her!" 
"Keep us posted, sweet Hannah Rose." 
"Hold her in just a few more days." 
"Well at least it is a pretty number day and a pretty day over all. Don't forget to let us know something when you do have her! :D" 
"Let me know what's going on seeing as I still have Lily's gift and I want her to be able to wear it before she grows out of it."

And me responding with thank you's and:

"I am SO ready! You will definitely see pictures soon after she's born!" 
"I'll definitely keep everyone posted! I am so ready for her to get here! ughh"

I didn't know being born would mean saying goodbye. I didn't know that when I posted some of my responses, that she was already gone and I wouldn't get to share her sweet photos... at least not in the way I wanted.

My mom and I are both funny in that we like even number days better than odd. We told our friend, who was due a couple months after me (the one whose baby shower we went to the day before my due date), that we wanted Lily to be born on an even number day, so that's what she's referencing. She was born on one after all.

And my friend who said she hadn't given me Lily's gift never did give it to me. I didn't need it. I still wish I had gotten it from her.


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  1. Amazing! Our Lilly girl was born 06-10-14....all even numbers!


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