Monday, March 13, 2017

Twinsies at 7

My sweet friend Amanda texted me this a couple days ago:

"I was looking at the pic you posted holding Lily in the hospital. She is your little twin! She looked just like you. Sometimes it's so difficult to tell who babies look like when they are first born. Their faces are so puffy and swollen. Lily's little face wasn't swollen at all. It was just perfect. Her facial features were so clear. Right from your womb I could see so many of your features. Def your little twin! 👭  I know you wonder daily just what she would look like. I'd say pull out some pictures of you at 7 and you'll see your little Lily. 💗 👭 🎀 😘 "

Isn't that the sweetest? 😌

It's true, Lily did look like her mommy. Everyone said it and still does and I love hearing it every time.

This is a photo of my buddy-cousin Daniel and I on my 7th birthday (hello, Summer 1996). I look at myself on that day, close to 21 years ago, and I can't believe Lily would now almost be the same exact age, to the day. She'd have grown so much. She'd be so exuberant and full of a child's sweetness. I bet she would look a lot like me in this photo, messy-after-playing-hair and all.

I remember my 7th birthday so vividly. Daniel and I went to Adventure Landing in Charlottesville. That was a year full of wonderful childhood memories for me. Now Daniel's son/Lily's cousin Owen is the age we were in this photo! And Lily would be too.

That's me on the left and Lily on the right (we were the same length and there was only an ounce difference between us at birth). ❤️


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