Saturday, March 4, 2017

Birthday Art from BreAnna

I'm so deeply touched that BreAnna in Utah created a couple pieces for me in honor of Lily's birthday.

She made this gorgeous whimsical watercolor keepsake. It's based on my favorite photo of my girl and me. It's one of the most thoughtful and gorgeous Lily-gifts I've received. I'm not sure yet if I'll frame it or include it in Lily's scrapbook. I am truly amazed by how beautiful it is. I showed my mom when I first saw a photo of it, before BreAnna mailed it, and we both were tearing up. 💕

This is the photo the watercolor is based on. A big part of why I love this photo is because of all the pink, pink, pink... in my robe, in Lily's blanket and hat, and in my pillowcase. It's perfect for my sweet girl. And the watercolor shows all the pink. I love the flower wreath, full of roses, lilies, and a butterfly. BreAnna was so sweet in how she handled my photo and how touched she was by it. This watercolor is a beautiful way to celebrate the moment captured in this priceless photo.

This is the other thing she sent, for my mid-March baby girl. As you probably know if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, I associate all things green/clovers/shamrock/St. Patrick's Day with Lily because she was born the day before, and it was one of two days in this world I held Lily. It's the date the photo above was taken. This will be included in Lily's scrapbook. I just think Lily Katherine's name is gorgeous... to say, to hear, and to see written out, especially with such lovely hand lettering. 💚

When I came home yesterday afternoon, I was delighted to see the package waiting for me, addressed to "Lily's mommy." :)

BreAnna has started creating artwork like this to process her grief in losing her precious daughter, Lois. I can picture our girls being pals. What a beautiful legacy Lois has. I told BreAnna she should open an Etsy shop to sell these... I'll let you know if she does!


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