Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lil' Spud

If you read my post from yesterday, then you know that it was Spud Day. :) It was my due date with Lily 7 years ago and the date each year we now have hashbrowns in her honor.

Yesterday was a special one. My friend Amanda came over to celebrate Lily's birthday with me (more on that later). I was sharing Lily's memory chest with her and came across this 0-3 month baby shirt that my "little" cousin Anna made me for Lily when I was pregnant. It was so cute to come across on Spud day and so I thought I'd share since I never have. Her initials are on the front.

My family and I went to IHOP to enjoy our hash browns. And my mom and I also had red-velvet French toast! #BreakfastforDinner #RedVelvetforLily

Thank you to everyone else who said they were having hashbrowns for Lily too!

A blog follower, Susi, sent me this photo. :)

Ashley sent me this photo and wrote: "I was doing this crossword today and as soon as I read it I thought of your Lily. I knew there was a reason she was on my mind so much!"

Someone else said they already thought of what the day was before she saw me post about it and that she'd be making some home fries in Lily's honor last night. Someone else said they'd have potato chips for her. Someone else said fried potatoes are a favorite, but that they now have a new meaning for SpudLily. :) Someone else said she works part-time at a Waffle House and that she promised when she serves the hashbrowns she will now think of my Spud. Someone else said she and her grandmother had hashbrowns with their breakfast yesterday in Lily's honor. Thank you all so much!


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