Friday, March 17, 2017

Going Green for Lily 💚

Today, March 17th, is St. Patrick's Day.... it's the day after Lily was born. One of two days in this world I held her. The day I left the hospital with an empty carseat a few keepsakes, instead of my newborn baby girl. Shamrocks and the green associated with this holiday will always remind me of her... green for new life. How appropriate considering that's what she brought me. 💚

This is a Shamrock made out of Lily's sweet footprints. I found it on Etsy. :)

I am rockin' my St. Patrick's Day green for my mid-March girl. Found this for only a couple dollars at "The One Spot" at Target. Custom handprint necklace is from My Forever Child (can't recommend highly enough!)

Lily's spot went green!

From BreAnna for my mid-March girl.

St. Patrick's Day pillow, also from "The One Spot."

From Catherine :)


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