Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Fall Visit to Lily's Spot

This is a post from last October that I never got around to sharing...

Jesus is so good and He gives beautiful gifts to His children. A little bit of Ellerslie came to my hometown in Virginia when I got to visit with my dear friend Miriam who was in my Advanced Semester. We realized when we were in Colorado that we both have ties to Central Virginia and were planning on being there visiting at the same time (we live in different states)!

It was funny that I couldn't fit everything in my suitcases to fly home a couple weeks before, so another friend of ours, Teresa, had the idea for me to send one of my space bags across the country with Mim in her car, which I did haha.

We had lunch at one of my favorite cozy and quaint coffee shops, I took her to see Lily's spot where I shared Lily's story, and I drove her around a bit to show her meaningful places to me and my family, and then took her to the Christian thrift store, The Green Olive Tree. My grandmother was one of the original ladies who started it back in 1979. I told Miriam about it Colorado when so many things I wore were from there. :)

I thank the Lord for a precious time spent with a precious friend who prays with and for me, and points me to Him. I only wish she could have met my grandmother, but it didn't work out... this time at least.

Mim attentively listened to me sharing about my beautiful girl, asked questions, and said things that blessed and encouraged my heart tremendously! Love you, friend! 🍁🍂🎃🌻


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