Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What September 10th Means to My Family

My Aunt Rachel is in Heaven with Lily. She would be 51. She is the youngest of my grandparent's 7 children and my mom is the eldest.

The anniversary of the day she passed away was a few days ago, on September 10th. She had a heart condition and died while being operated on.

Rachel's name on the memorial bench... she is buried by Lily, where other family is too
My niece Harvest is now around the same age Rachel was when my grandparents lost her - 3 months. That puts things into a different perspective. I wish Rachel was here and that I could know her, the life she would have lived, and the possible cousins I could have had.

I love you, Aunt. And praying for you, Bumma.

the only picture of the entire family (Rachel is the baby)


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