Thursday, September 15, 2016

I like to Think My Baby Girl Helped Hers Arrive Safely

Last week, I met my dear friend Amanda's baby girl, Maeleigh. She is absolutely precious and it melted my heart to hold her!

With Amanda

Maeleigh was born on Life for Lily Day, the same day that my friend Kristen's daughter Ryleigh Grace was stillborn. I recently blogged <--- (click the link to read more) about how I was in Virginia when Ryleigh was born and how the Lord worked it out for my grandmother and I to put together a comfort box for Kristen and attend Ryleigh's beautiful service. Kristen had her healthy first child on the exact same day Lily Katherine was born - March 16, 2010.

Amanda has always been exceptionally supportive about my grief and love for Lily. She has allowed me to freely talk about her, has asked questions about her, my pregnancy, my birth, etc., and has been a wonderful friend.

I was delighted when I found out Maeleigh was born on Life for Lily Day! Amanda and I had originally planned on spending that day together, in Lily's honor. Maeleigh hadn't been due for a couple more weeks and I was supposed to be in Virginia the week before when I was (I see now the Lord changed the dates because He knew everything that would unfold). He knew Maeleigh would be born on the 15th and so would Ryleigh Grace.

I had said I wished Maeleigh would be born on my birthday, August 12th, but the 15th was my second choice/guess.

Amanda texted me throughout that day to let me know the labor progress and finally that night, M was born and I saw her beautiful picture! We both celebrate our baby girls with each other.

The next night is when Kristen's mom wrote me to let me know about Ryleigh Grace being stillborn... Maeleigh and Ryleigh were both around 38 weeks gestation when they were born, having been due just a few days apart. And they were both born on August 15th.

Visiting with Amanda, we were talking about how crazy the similarities are... she said she was thinking how on her first day home with her baby, she knew my friend was burying her baby girl. The stark contrast of the two experiences leaves me breathless. Amanda is so precious in how she grieves with those who grieve, has been holding this family in her heart, and praying for them.

I told her that now every year when I see Maeleigh turning a new age, I'll think of the sweet little girl who should be the same age. With each milestone, my heart will break that Kristen is not experiencing the same thing with her daughter.

Amanda told me that she had started feeling decreased movement on the Saturday before M was born. Because of mine and Lily's story and how I emphatically speak out about the importance of kick counts, Amanda said she noticed it in a way she would never had if it weren't for Lily. She didn't even think about it with her first daughter.

She listened to her gut and went to her doctor's office to be monitored. Maeleigh's heart rate was low and Amanda ended up being admitted to the hospital to give birth.

Now, obviously I don't know what would have happened had she not gone into the hospital that day. But I do know because of experience that she could have lost her daughter too. I like to think that my precious baby girl helped this baby girl arrive safely and healthily. Just knowing others are being more mindful of their baby's movements shows me that Lily is making a lasting impact.

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  1. I love how your sweet Lily's life continues to impact others. And I know without a doubt she has and will continue to have an impact on mine. The love you have for your daughter and the willingness to open up and share her life and your heart has changed mine! I plan to share with Maeliegh both Lily and Ryleighs story. Continued prayers for Kristen and her family. Ryleighs life will always be remembered by my family. Thank you for being such a lovely friend.

  2. That made me cry. I also experienced less movement with Ryleigh. Sadly it was too late for her. That sat night went to the hospital that Sunday morning. I'm glad maleigh is a healthy baby girl. Her life is precious. Lily is remarkable.

  3. I love this story. So happy your friend got her happy ending. Thank you for sharing this story in reference to Ryleigh. My heart breaks daily.


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