Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brighter Days

My friend Brook, who I met through local infant loss circles, wrote a beautiful song called "Brighter Day" after her precious son Colby was stillborn in November 2013.

This is what she wrote about it: "The song began as a lullaby for Colby, but evolved into an expression of my hopes and dreams for him, my pain, and ends in a prayer, asking God to give me hope for a brighter day. As you can imagine, this song is very dear to me. It became a tool for me on days when I needed to cry, but couldn't because I was fighting the grief. For quite a while, I couldn't make it through this song without melting into tears, healing tears. I'm so thankful for the gift of these words because by sharing, many have also been able to heal a bit more. Please share this song with others who you think may benefit from hearing this song. There are brighter days ahead."

I've had the blessing of hearing Brook sing this song in person and both her voice, as well as the lyrics, are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with others, Brook!


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