Friday, September 16, 2016

"Thinking of Having a Baby?"

In the past week or two, I got a postcard in the mail (twice) from a local hospital asking me this: 😒

First of all, I don't know how or why they sent this to me. Perhaps they somehow have a list of all the women of child-bearing age in the area.

Secondly, if only it were as easy as thinking a baby into existence. What about the women with infertility, those with recurrent loss, and those like me, who are not in the place in life where they can have a baby? Yeah, I am thinking about it, I'm thinking about how I wish I could. Receiving this in the mail multiple times is like a slap in the face for many. And I'm pretty sure if someone does want to have a baby, they are perfectly capable of finding a hospital/doctor/place of care on their own.

On another note, I did get something sweet in the mail on the same day. I got my Angels Art Project card, addressed to:

Yep, that's me. 😌💕


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