Monday, September 26, 2016

Kathlyn's Birthday Video

My friend Beth's baby girl Kathlyn was stillborn at fullterm in 2009. She would have turned 7 this year on July 30th. Beth created a video for Kathlyn on her special day, in which she also remembered several other babies in Heaven... Kathlyn's friends. I was touched to have Lily included. Here is the screenshot below of where Lily is on the video. You can watch the entire video by clicking here. We are all bonded together in our love for our babies.

These are the touching words Beth shared with her video:
"I've been working on this video for a few weeks to honor Kathlyn's 7th Birthday. I almost feel like it's more for me than for her, and for the other families of the babies I included. If Kathlyn had lived, I'd have a little rising 2nd grader now. I'd have probably met a few moms from her classes. Instead over the past 7 years I have come to know many other sad mommies like myself, from as close to 5 doors down the street all the way to Australia. Maybe this video is for us, instead of for her... because where she is, she has everything she could possibly ever want or need and more. Since I can't have her, what I need is two things: first, to know that I will see her again, and thanks to the sacrifices of Jesus, I will. And the second, is to know that I am not alone, that there are other sad families out there I can turn to, sometimes when I have no desire to even associate with anyone else other than those who understand. Having those families has been what makes it just a tiny notch above completely unbearable to not have my daughter beside me."

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