Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Saddest of Short Stories

I read that Ernest Hemingway once made a bet that he could write a six-word short story that could make people cry.

He wrote the following...

Reading these words for the first time a few years ago certainly took the breath right out of me and made me tear up. But I'm sure that's partly because I have many, many pairs of baby shoes that are never to be worn by the one they were intended for. She only ever wore one pair... the little brown shoes she was buried in (pictured above). The brown shoes that sat on my dresser throughout my pregnancy and were a symbol of the promise of all her life would hold...

This picture is in Lily's scrapbook. It's all her shoes in her nursery, waiting for her. So many adorable, tiny pairs of shoes for a pair of adorable, tiny feet. Are baby shoes not one of the most fun things to buy?! She had more than me. ;) Hopefully I will have another daughter one day to fill her big sister's shoes.



  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! Day one of classes this semester in some way shape or form, 5 of my 6 classes managed to talk about dead babies or something related.... my writing theory and processes class? Yeah... the class asignment was to write a 6 word story. And of course.... they told the story behind it.

    Yeah. I've managed to cry in nearly every class this year.... even had to leave one because I just couldn't hold it back. (insert eyeroll)... I figured if you can't beat 'em, shove it in their face! ;) I have done nearly every paper or presentation on a poem dealing with death/ infant death.... HA! ROAR! :D Don't mess with a woman made strong by burying her babies!!!!!

    ugh. Who knew getting an English degree could be so dang emotionally draining! But I just ordered my StillStanding t-shirt to wear on October 15. IN YOUR FACE SUCKERS!!!!! :P I DARE you to ask me how many kids I have!!! I just might tell you and then tell the stories!!!! HA! (;P I think I need sleep, chocolate, and a night away from studying!)

    the funny thing is, i haven't yet told anyone my story. most of my professors are my age or younger... and my classmates are only a year or two older than my oldest child...

    yeah. For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.


    1. Hi sweet friend,

      I'm sorry for the delayed response... going through old comments and trying to reply to each one.

      As always, I so appreciate your words. I hope school is going well! Isn't that crazy that those of us who have experienced infant loss seem to be confronted with it always and everywhere?! Love you and am proud of you for speaking out! <3


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