Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Aunt Sis

Here's a little update on my darling niece (with a cute picture).

Harvest loves her Aunt Sis. 😌😍  She was smiling away at me today. My siblings call me Sis and now to the Squish (one of her nicknames), we are saying I'm Auntie Sis. I love that nickname and hope she will call me that as she gets older. We pronounce the word "Aunt" the way it's spelled, which is different than the word "Ant." ;)

She will already be 5-months-old on the 20th! A couple days ago, she laughed *at me* for the first time (after being on the verge of it many times)! She had me laughing hard at her! She brightens up all our lives and is spunky, hilarious, and ever so precious. She likes to be entertained, loves her grey kitty "Gand," likes to "stand" up and dance or bounce, and likes to watch people eat (I think she's thinking it's time to try some grown-up food ;) hehe). Even if I wasn't biased, I'd still think she was the cutest baby around right now! Today is her mommy and daddy's 3rd Anniversary!

On another note, I asked my sister-in-law Kala if it'd be alright if I shared this adorable picture today. She said yes, and then went on to say: "Also just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of Lily, wishing you were able to post pics of her now." I told her thank you and I wish so too. Those words mean a lot to me. 💕

Here's a fun before and after... this is what Kala wrote: "What the seasons grow; and our Harvest." The photo on the left was the pregnancy announcement photo I took for them last Fall, around a year ago, and the photo on the right was Harvest this Fall! Isn't this so sweet? Both photos and mini pumpkins are courtesy of Aunt Sis. 


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