Thursday, October 20, 2016

Capture Your Grief ~ Day 19

Day 19: Traditions
October 19, 2016 

Day 19. Traditions: Creating traditions in grief do wonders for healing your heart. Do you have any traditions? Maybe something you do on special dates like birthdays or anniversaries? How do these traditions help you?

My family has quite a few traditions for Lily...

She was due on March 14th, which is National Potato Chip Day. Ironically, the food I craved most throughout my pregnancy was hashbrowns. One of her nicknames is Spud. We have hashbrowns in honor of our little Spud each year on her due date.

I had a Valentine's-themed baby shower, where we had yummy red-velvet cake. We now have something red-velvet (cake, cupcakes, ice-cream, etc.) each year in Lily's honor on her birthday, as well as on other special dates. We sing "happy birthday" to Lily in Heaven. ❤️πŸŽ‚

My cousin Daniel is 4 months younger than me and his son Owen is 3 months older than Lily. Boy and girl cousins almost the same age apart! Oh how I dreamed they'd grow up close buds like Daniel and I were. Each year on Lily's birthday, Owen takes a photo where he wishes Lily a happy birthday. It is bittersweet to see him growing up through the years and to know Lily would be the same age, but she'll never grow up. I am thankful for these - the only way they can be in photos "together." Owen's mom is so thoughtful and kind to remember to do this for me and Lily Kat. One of my favorite traditions! I hope Owen will want to continue doing it through the years. πŸ‘«

Cracker Barrel is my favorite restaurant and store. We have Lily's birthday lunch or dinner there each year. πŸ˜ŠπŸŽˆπŸ΄

I decorate Lily's special spot each year for her birthday, as well as for other seasons and holidays. πŸ’

A new tradition that has begun over the last couple years is taking cupcakes (red-velvet of course) to the hospital where Lily was born to the wonderful nurses there, along with some Lily's Legacy Comfort Boxes. πŸ˜˜

We light a candle for Lily each year on October 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, in conjunction with the Wave of Light. We participate in other local events held in October. 

We like to have a special time of celebrating each year on Life for Lily Day, whether that be with a butterfly release among other things.

I get a new Christmas ornament in Lily's honor each year to put out on her mini Christmas tree I have in my room. It is displayed by the stocking my grandmother knitted for her. πŸŽ„

It is meaningful to have these traditions and I look forward to them each year. It makes me smile when these special "Lily things" remind others of her too. πŸ˜Œ

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