Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Capture Your Grief ~ Day 15

Day 15: Wave of Light
October 15, 2016 

Day 15. Wave of Light: October 15th Wave of Light is a very significant day of remembrance and awareness on our community calendar. At 7 p.m., you are invited to light a candle to honor and remember all of the babies and children who have died. If everyone does this, there be a continuous wave of light around the world for 24 hours. Share your candles and children with the world.

This is what I wrote that night:

I came home from a candlelight service and wanted to have another candle burning at home on that sacred night. I got out my red-velvet candle that is only lit on special occasions. Here it is with the Forget-Me-Not Willow Tree that was given to me by the staff at the hospital where Lily was born.

My social media pages were filled with Wave of Light photos, and the names and photos of precious babies who are so very missed. It brought me to tears because it is so sad and beautiful all at once. These babies are the children of my friends and I love them. They each hold a special place in my heart and I look forward with eager expectation to meeting and holding them in Heaven. What great joy awaits us there.

I want to share some of the names of the precious babies who were on my heart: my daughter Lily Katherine, my Aunt Rachel Ross, Ryleigh Grace, Lillian Judith Joy, Jensen Grey, Nathan, Azalea, Rachel Alice, Hope, Sullivan, Kayden, Riley, Noah, Bo, Cassie, Navaeh, Lucas, Solomon, Riley Grace, Ava Nicole, Tara, Brooklynn, Nicholas, Addison, Kathlyn Joy, Daisy, Amiyah, MaKenna, Liliana, Caitlyn, Marcellus, Shelby, Lillyan, Stella, Mateo, Aidan, Colby, Elias, Eva, Noah Joel, Shyla, Jakin, Aiden, Jensen, Hailey, Madison, Lincoln, Bailey, Rosie, Shae, Leo, Lola, Autumn, Faith, Grace, Thomas, Carleigh, Sparrow, Avery, and many, many others.

I was deeply touched by the messages I received from some friends, and the photos that were sent of candles lit for Lily and prayers sent up. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day memorable. ❤️

-Click here to see all of my photos from CYG 2016.


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