Sunday, October 30, 2016

Join Me in Praying

Would you please join me in praying for a dear mother in the U.K. who I've connected with over the past few years? Her first child, a precious daughter, was unexpectedly and unexplainably stillborn at full-term in January 2013.

This year, she was pregnant with her "rainbow baby," another darling daughter, who was just stillborn at 35 weeks a couple days ago. The doctors are baffled as to why this keeps happening, for no known reason.

Pray for answers, for the Lord's comfort, and that I will have wisdom in what to say because the truth is, I have no idea why this has happened twice to her when others get healthy child after healthy child. The very thing I fear happening to me has happened to her and I want to approach this with grace and love, while pointing to Jesus in the midst of heavy pain and questions. There is no easy or pat answer, like people wish there could be. I know that God is good and am reminded of Job.


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