Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Capture Your Grief ~ Day 11

Day 11: Creative Heartwork
October 11, 2016 
Day 11. Creative Heartwork: Have you done anything special to memorialize your child? Maybe you got a tattoo or commissioned a piece of art to be created. Maybe you have a special piece of jewelry to remember them by or created a garden.

Today we are to share if we've done anything special to memorialize our children. Where do I begin? Over the last 6 1/2 years since Lily was born, I have done numerous things in her memory. I do them to honor her and also because these are some of the only ways I can mother her and do tangible things as a mother in general.

I'll shared just a few of my favorite things that both I and others have done for her...


On her 5th birthday, I got my beautiful baby girl's name permanently written on my wrist, in my own handwriting, as a reflection of the forever mark she's made on my life. Lily's name was one of the only things I could ever give her, one of the only things that's hers. It speaks of her existence and value. Whenever I glance down, I am reminded of my love for her and the work God has done in me and so many others through her life. Her name is right above my pulse which reminds me of something my best friend once said to me, "Her heart beats with every beat of your own." Yes. In a letter to Lily that I wrote and read to her at her Celebration of Life Service, I said, "Sometimes it feels like people are already forgetting you, but I won't forget. So don't feel like you're missing out on all the fun, because wherever I go, there you'll be too." This is just another way for me to keep that promise to her. I'll live my life for the both of us. πŸŒ·


Over the past 6+ years I have worked on and off on 2 scrapbooks for Lily. One is my pregnancy scrapbook, filled with 70 pages!! of ultrasounds, my baby shower, birth guesses, her name, memories, etc., and the other is filled with pictures from our time with her in the hospital, her service, and the ways she's been honored. This is how I mother Lily, this is how I share her with others. This is how her story will continue being told through the generations. It is a gift for people to want to hear about Lily and to want to see her scrapbook. That speaks more love to me than I can describe. Sharing her heals my heart. Having others genuinely want to talk about her and hear about her is a huge blessing. I have put more hours than I can count into working on these scrapbooks and more love than can be measured. πŸ’•


Having a piece of jewelry to wear close to my heart is a special way to carry my sweet girl with me. I have multiple pieces that I love, some given as gifts and others purchased by me. I was given a locket that has Lily's photo, some meaningful words, and dirt from her burial spot all incorporated into it. I was given a beautiful Origami Owl locket with special charms that remind me of Lily. I got a necklace from My Forever Child that perfectly captures the finest details of Lily's delicate handprint. This exquisite pendant never fails to elicit compliments from others wherever I go. πŸ’– 

*Her Name in the Sand*

Lily's name has been written in the sand on beaches and lakes by many, many people all over the world, from Scotland to Australia, France, and Italy to name a few. As mentioned before, her name is one of the only things of hers, so it means so much when others remember her with me. πŸŒŠπŸšπŸ¬πŸ³

My friend ChloΓ© in New Zealand, from Eternal Hope Memorial Portraits, drew a portrait of Lily, that perfectly captures her likeness. She drew roses and lilies into the portrait, which symbolizes mother and daughter. This portrait is on my wall and I love seeing it every day. πŸ˜Š


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