Thursday, October 6, 2016

Capture Your Grief ~ Day 6

Day 6: Empathy
October 6, 2016 

Day 6. Empathy: So often when someone experiences the death of a baby or child, family and loved ones fail miserably at empathy because they try to fix what has happened. They usually do this because they either love you so much or just can't deal with it themselves so they say things like "God needed another angel. It was probably for the best. At least, blah blah blah." They are desperate to show you a silver lining when there really isn't one. As we know, these kinds of words rarely ever help. In fact, they more often than not make us feel even worse. So today you are invited to educate people on the art of empathy. We don't need to turn this into a vent about what not to say, but rather, what to say and what they can do that will actually comfort the grieving. What does empathy look like for you?

**empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another**

We all need others to enter into our joy and pain with us. Even if we haven't experienced what others have, we can pray and ask God to give us a heart of compassion, love, and empathy for those who are grieving. We can become quiet and still and ask how we can serve others. Should we reach out with a card, a meal, or perhaps a simple text?

Having empathy for someone who has lost their precious baby is not trying to "fix" them or come up with a solution for their sadness. There is nothing anyone can do or say that will make it okay. Empathy is loving someone where they are and ministering to their hearts in the way they need to be ministered to.

Empathy is holding someone's hand, remembering significant dates, participating in meaningful events, not judging, not talking behind their back, and being a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Empathy is recognizing and understanding that there is no timeline for love and therefore no timeline for grief. Empathy is helping to carry the weight of another's burdens. 🌹

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